Essential protective equipment for scooter riders


Wearing the ideal protective kit is the thing that prevents injuries from happening whenever you are involved in an accident. This rule is valid in any sport or high-risk activity. And scooter riding is no exception, no matter how skilled you are. The right gear will also help you cope with different weather conditions, and it will prevent your skin from being damaged by heat or wind.

There are many protective garments, but in this article, I am only going to focus on the essential ones, as the other pieces are optional and not as vital as the ones exposed down below. Moreover, having the right gear is not enough, and you will have to wear it at all times and not occasionally.

Helmets come as no surprise to the top of the list. They protect the rider from brain damage, skull fractures and even from cervical spine lesions if you go with a high-quality model that has all the extra features a traditional model doesn’t have. An excellent protective helmet will also prevent rain from blinding you when you speed up, and extreme sunlight from affecting your vision.

A new and curious study from the World Health Organisation revealed that helmets could reduce the chance of fatal head trauma in half, which is a compelling reason as to why you should invest in a premium helmet, especially since modern models are quite comfortable too, even if they come with chin straps.

Just like with the rest of the items shown here, it is of utmost importance that the helmet you buy fits you well, as an ill-fitting model can be a health hazard. Here is a guide on the best helmets for scooters that will teach you more about the subject.

Gloves should be owned by riders too. These often overlooked items can make a difference in cold weather or when it rains heavily. A well-designed pair of gloves could prevent your hands from slipping from the handles of your scooter, thus avoiding an accident.

The hands are a rider’s most important assets, so it is essential that you protect them accordingly. The most common and praised choice when it comes to materials gloves are made of is leather, but textile can work just as well, which is excellent since they are usually cheaper.

Furthermore, if you want your whole body to be covered, boots should be on your to-buy list as well. Scooter boots are designed to be sturdier in the toe area, which is more exposed to injuries. While they are sturdy and comfortable, they still offer you plenty maneuvering ability so that you can drive your scooter like a pro. It doesn’t matter the materials they are made of, just that they fit you well and that they won’t fall off your feet whenever you are speeding up.

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