Equipment you need for your next ATV hunting adventure


Everyone loves the simplicity of ATV travel. And if you want to be prepared for your next big adventure, you need a series of tools that will make your life super comfortable, and that will cover your back, in case something unforeseen happens. Most of the items I will recommend will be compact and lightweight, so you won’t have to carry heavy luggage when you want to go camping or on a picnic in the woods.

One fun and potentially delicious part of any outdoor adventure is cooking, surrounded by good friends with great stories. And for some reason, it seems everything has a better taste outside. This is why I would recommend that if you pack for an ATV extravaganza, you shouldn’t forget to add a compact grill or a small stove.

These nifty little inventions can make a huge difference, especially since the market has plenty of options for you which won’t add any dead weight to your backpacks. Some run on coal, while others on gas, and with their help, you will cook full course meals that will be both healthy and tasty.

Another must-have, in my opinion, is protective clothing. This list includes goggles, boots, gloves, long-sleeved shirts and even hats. If you have the possibility of adding a raincoat, that would be a good idea too. If not, make sure your tent is waterproof. These pieces of clothing will protect you against accidents so that you won’t have any regrets later.

Next up, make sure you invest in a premium air pump with a small footprint. ATVs rarely have flat tires, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen to you at some point. And because most of the adventures related to these vehicles are in remote parts of the world, make sure you are prepared. Some run on batteries, while others rely on muscle power. Whichever type is good, but make sure the model you go for has enough strength to pump air into the ATV’s tires.

Moreover, don’t forget to add to your bags a car cell phone charger and external batteries. ATVs can charge your phone just as fast as your car, meaning in case something urgent happens, something critical that cannot wait until the end of your journey, you have a backup that will allow you to call the hospital, or the police or even your family. Don’t take this lightly, as I know from my own experience that you can never pack too many power backup units.



And lastly, I would recommend you buy a high-quality tent for your ATV. One of those bad boys will allow you to sleep under the starry sky, without feeling cold or uncomfortable. Make sure you read some reviews or a guide before buying one, to have a guarantee that the model you go for has all the features you might need.