3 great ways of preventing motorcycle theft


Everyone can have this unpleasant situation happen to them at some point in their lives. Even if you don’t live in a dangerous part of a town, people are selfish, and they could still try to steal your motorcycle. That’s why it is vital that you learn how to elude a thief’s mind and keep your treasured travel companion safe.

The first thing you can do to avoid it is not always possible. However, if you leave your vehicle outside overnight, you can try to hide as well as possible, so you don’t tempt thieves. If you park it between two big cars, it is unlikely that they will spot it, especially in the dark.

Another way to hide it, even during the day, is to put a non-brand cover on top of it so that thieves won’t recognize the model. This is vital if you own a premium motorcycle from Harley-Davidson, which is a very popular manufacturer among people who steal two-wheeled vehicles.

The next tip is probably something you already do. To make things harder for thieves, lock your model to a pole or a tree, or anything fixed to the ground. The market is filled with high-quality cables which are impossible to cut with just a hand saw.

It is essential that you invest in locking cables, as it is always handy to have more than one lying around in case you have to leave your motorcycle unattended. Just make sure you read a guide before buying them.

A way to prevent a grab-and-go type of theft is to remove the key from its place when you are not on top of the vehicle. Even if you just get off it for a second, it is still better to take the key with you. It is not rare that criminals take advantage of that second of not paying attention to your wheeled friend, to grab it and ride away on it.

This process can really take just a few seconds, so do not underestimate the inventiveness and speed of those who do such desperate acts. It takes practice to remember not to leave your keys in the ignition, and you can even install apps to remind you to check if you took the key out or not.

On the same topic, you could install a hidden kill switch, which will make the engine inoperable. You can hide one of these with ease, as most thieves won’t know where to look. There are even models of motorcycles that come with preinstalled devices from this category.

You can use all of these techniques separately or together. It doesn’t matter, but you should remind yourself that you have to invest in quality anti-theft products, so they won’t be easily cut or removed by common criminals.


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