Should You Tell Your Friends Your Sexual Secrets and Fetishes

We all have our own sexual secrets and fetishes. That is great, but should we tell our friends about them? I personally made a mistake a couple of months ago. My best friend Sarah knows that I work for Charlotte Wembley escorts, but I unlike some of the other people I have met since I moved to London, she does not have a hang up about Charlotte Wembley escorts of But, she is certainly not to keen on at least one of my fetishes and I have to admit that I regret telling her about my threesome fetish.


The problem with telling your friends about your sexual fantasies and fetishes, is that they may just get the wrong idea. This is what happened to me and Sarah. She thought that I wanted her to have a three some with me and a guy I know at a male Charlotte Wembley escorts service. I know that she is less broadminded than me, and I had not intention of inviting her to one of my threesomes at all. I just wanted to tell her about it, and let her know what kind of sex. I enjoy when I am off duty from Charlotte Wembley escorts.


Although Sarah and I are still friends, I feel that my confession is something that has come in between us. The other night when I had finished my Charlotte Wembley escorts shift, I phoned her up as normal to see if she wanted to go out for a drink. When she said no, I thought that I could sense something in her voice that I did not recognise. I only wanted to talk to her about my night at Charlotte Wembley escorts and nothing else.


How can I make it up to Sarah? I do feel that I should make things up with Sarah. She one of the nicest girls that I have met in London. Normally, we can talk about everything that goes on at Charlotte Wembley escorts, and I miss that. Sarah has been avoiding for a couple of weeks now. Instead of communicating by voice, we have started to send text messages to each other. It is silly, and I have decided that I need to meet up with her to talk to her. I just want to explain and say that I am sorry.


My best advice is to think twice before you share your sexual secrets with your friends. You may feel that it is the right thing to do, but you need to face facts and realise your friends may not feel the same way. Sharing the wrong secret with your friends can ruin great friendships, and I have learned my lesson. I still intend to enjoy having threesomes with friends from Charlotte Wembley escorts, but I am not going to tell Sarah about them. It is clearly not her sort of thing, and I did get it badly wrong the last time.