How to get great motorcycle tires


If you are a novice motorcycle rider, finding good tires can be a pain. Usually, this task is made difficult by one’s insufficient familiarization with the subject and the fact that the market is filled with countless similar models.

Because we know that this process is not very easy, we have decided to make it simpler for you, by letting you in a couple of tips and tricks.

Pay attention to what the manufacturer recommends

When starting to look for new tires, Biker’s Basics suggests that you take a good look at what the manufacturer of the bike that you own recommends. This is important because all bikes have different specifications that you should pay attention to.

Still, this does not mean that you should ignore the new technology advancements that lead to the construction of tires that have a better grip and that can supply you with an improved handling.


Treads are important

Another well-articulated point that has made is that treads are vital to consider. As you probably know, treads increase the grip that you have on the road. Because of this, for instance, on rainy days, they can help actually move the water from under the tires and, thus, increase your performance.

From this point of view, you should remember that models with wider treads are generally used for off-roading. Moreover, they lessen the contact on flat roads. As a result, if you are the type of biker that travels on flat roads, you should select a tire that has smaller treads.


Bias vs. radial

Generally, traditional motorcycles have bias plies. This means that the carcass of the tire was constructed using body cords that have been placed at a directional angle. However, as time has progressed, manufacturers have created radial tires that have plies that are laid bead to bead. This newer design is considered more advantageous for the rider. As a result, it is often recommended that one selects radial tires as they are more practical.

Heat dissipation

As the experts from Revzilla pointed out, another aspect that you should not neglect is the heat dissipation ratio of a tire. Typically, radial models are better at dissipating the heat created by the friction between the actual tire and the road.

Still, if you own a touring bike or if you like heavy cruisers, it is generally accepted that bias-ply units are also suitable as they have a stiffer sidewall. Yet, you should not worry about this feature in particular as most units out there have been designed to withstand the average emission of heat.

Lastly, before you make a choice, you should also take into consideration when and where you intend to use your bike.


Why do Italians drive scooters?


If you’ve been to Italy or watched at least one movie in which the action occurs in picturesque Italy, I’m sure you must have probably wondered what’s with all the Italians and their scooters. What’s the big fuss of driving those noisy vehicles and, moreover, why is the entire country so obsessed with them?

There are some things that have their personal local charm and sometimes it’s hard for people outside that specific culture to understand the customs and the reasons behind all actions.

And, when it comes to Italy, there are plenty of things that don’t make too much sense outside the country. However, believe it or not, there are quite a few reasons why Italians opt for scooters, so here are some of the most common.

Lack of parking places

The big cities are surrounded by historical buildings and archaeological sites which may be hundreds or even thousands of years old, so it comes as no surprise that you won’t find too many parking places around these monuments. Cities like Milan or Rome are always crowded with tourists and the traffic is a mess with little to no rules followed.

It’s safe to say that traffic in the biggest Italian cities resembles the jungle, so finding a parking place that’s close to your work or home is an impossible task most of the times. However, scooters can be parked almost anywhere so they are a convenient and fast means of transportation.


Narrow roads

Another thing to consider about Italy is that it has narrow roads. Most of the streets are small and narrow, making it physically impossible for two cars to come from opposite directions at once. Thus, most people don’t even try to make it to work or anywhere else in town by driving their own car as it would be almost impossible to drive through the narrow streets with no parking lots.

So, unless they want to walk on the cubic stone streets, Italians prefer to choose small-sized scooters that can get them safe and sound anywhere in the city.

Driver’s License

Lastly, as opposed to Americans who can get their driver’s license at 16 years old, the laws all around Europe stipulate that a person is not considered an adult until he or she is 18 years old. However, they are allowed to drive small-engine vehicles at the age of 14 or 16, depending on the country.

Italians can receive such a permit for scooters at the age of 14, and this is why many youngsters are used to driving scooters from a young age and, therefore, continue to do so even many years after they become adults. It’s a rather safe and convenient way to get to school or to extracurricular activities without choosing public transportation or having your parents drive you all the way.


Equipment you need for your next ATV hunting adventure


Everyone loves the simplicity of ATV travel. And if you want to be prepared for your next big adventure, you need a series of tools that will make your life super comfortable, and that will cover your back, in case something unforeseen happens. Most of the items I will recommend will be compact and lightweight, so you won’t have to carry heavy luggage when you want to go camping or on a picnic in the woods.

One fun and potentially delicious part of any outdoor adventure is cooking, surrounded by good friends with great stories. And for some reason, it seems everything has a better taste outside. This is why I would recommend that if you pack for an ATV extravaganza, you shouldn’t forget to add a compact grill or a small stove.

These nifty little inventions can make a huge difference, especially since the market has plenty of options for you which won’t add any dead weight to your backpacks. Some run on coal, while others on gas, and with their help, you will cook full course meals that will be both healthy and tasty.

Another must-have, in my opinion, is protective clothing. This list includes goggles, boots, gloves, long-sleeved shirts and even hats. If you have the possibility of adding a raincoat, that would be a good idea too. If not, make sure your tent is waterproof. These pieces of clothing will protect you against accidents so that you won’t have any regrets later.

Next up, make sure you invest in a premium air pump with a small footprint. ATVs rarely have flat tires, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen to you at some point. And because most of the adventures related to these vehicles are in remote parts of the world, make sure you are prepared. Some run on batteries, while others rely on muscle power. Whichever type is good, but make sure the model you go for has enough strength to pump air into the ATV’s tires.

Moreover, don’t forget to add to your bags a car cell phone charger and external batteries. ATVs can charge your phone just as fast as your car, meaning in case something urgent happens, something critical that cannot wait until the end of your journey, you have a backup that will allow you to call the hospital, or the police or even your family. Don’t take this lightly, as I know from my own experience that you can never pack too many power backup units.



And lastly, I would recommend you buy a high-quality tent for your ATV. One of those bad boys will allow you to sleep under the starry sky, without feeling cold or uncomfortable. Make sure you read some reviews or a guide before buying one, to have a guarantee that the model you go for has all the features you might need.

3 great ways of preventing motorcycle theft


Everyone can have this unpleasant situation happen to them at some point in their lives. Even if you don’t live in a dangerous part of a town, people are selfish, and they could still try to steal your motorcycle. That’s why it is vital that you learn how to elude a thief’s mind and keep your treasured travel companion safe.

The first thing you can do to avoid it is not always possible. However, if you leave your vehicle outside overnight, you can try to hide as well as possible, so you don’t tempt thieves. If you park it between two big cars, it is unlikely that they will spot it, especially in the dark.

Another way to hide it, even during the day, is to put a non-brand cover on top of it so that thieves won’t recognize the model. This is vital if you own a premium motorcycle from Harley-Davidson, which is a very popular manufacturer among people who steal two-wheeled vehicles.

The next tip is probably something you already do. To make things harder for thieves, lock your model to a pole or a tree, or anything fixed to the ground. The market is filled with high-quality cables which are impossible to cut with just a hand saw.

It is essential that you invest in locking cables, as it is always handy to have more than one lying around in case you have to leave your motorcycle unattended. Just make sure you read a guide before buying them.

A way to prevent a grab-and-go type of theft is to remove the key from its place when you are not on top of the vehicle. Even if you just get off it for a second, it is still better to take the key with you. It is not rare that criminals take advantage of that second of not paying attention to your wheeled friend, to grab it and ride away on it.

This process can really take just a few seconds, so do not underestimate the inventiveness and speed of those who do such desperate acts. It takes practice to remember not to leave your keys in the ignition, and you can even install apps to remind you to check if you took the key out or not.

On the same topic, you could install a hidden kill switch, which will make the engine inoperable. You can hide one of these with ease, as most thieves won’t know where to look. There are even models of motorcycles that come with preinstalled devices from this category.

You can use all of these techniques separately or together. It doesn’t matter, but you should remind yourself that you have to invest in quality anti-theft products, so they won’t be easily cut or removed by common criminals.


Essential protective equipment for scooter riders


Wearing the ideal protective kit is the thing that prevents injuries from happening whenever you are involved in an accident. This rule is valid in any sport or high-risk activity. And scooter riding is no exception, no matter how skilled you are. The right gear will also help you cope with different weather conditions, and it will prevent your skin from being damaged by heat or wind.

There are many protective garments, but in this article, I am only going to focus on the essential ones, as the other pieces are optional and not as vital as the ones exposed down below. Moreover, having the right gear is not enough, and you will have to wear it at all times and not occasionally.

Helmets come as no surprise to the top of the list. They protect the rider from brain damage, skull fractures and even from cervical spine lesions if you go with a high-quality model that has all the extra features a traditional model doesn’t have. An excellent protective helmet will also prevent rain from blinding you when you speed up, and extreme sunlight from affecting your vision.

A new and curious study from the World Health Organisation revealed that helmets could reduce the chance of fatal head trauma in half, which is a compelling reason as to why you should invest in a premium helmet, especially since modern models are quite comfortable too, even if they come with chin straps.

Just like with the rest of the items shown here, it is of utmost importance that the helmet you buy fits you well, as an ill-fitting model can be a health hazard. Here is a guide on the best helmets for scooters that will teach you more about the subject.

Gloves should be owned by riders too. These often overlooked items can make a difference in cold weather or when it rains heavily. A well-designed pair of gloves could prevent your hands from slipping from the handles of your scooter, thus avoiding an accident.

The hands are a rider’s most important assets, so it is essential that you protect them accordingly. The most common and praised choice when it comes to materials gloves are made of is leather, but textile can work just as well, which is excellent since they are usually cheaper.

Furthermore, if you want your whole body to be covered, boots should be on your to-buy list as well. Scooter boots are designed to be sturdier in the toe area, which is more exposed to injuries. While they are sturdy and comfortable, they still offer you plenty maneuvering ability so that you can drive your scooter like a pro. It doesn’t matter the materials they are made of, just that they fit you well and that they won’t fall off your feet whenever you are speeding up.